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Last month I came across the vintage find of the century. In the attic of my mother’s friend hung a 1920s vintage coat in pristine condition. Now, this is the kind of coat that you see in Deco era illustrations and in your dreams – but never in real life. But there it was and in my size too. It now hangs in my closet and I still can’t believe my luck.

It is an early to mid-1920s tiered wrap-over coat that fastens with a button and a sash on the side. The main features are the grandiose bat wing sleeves and the stunning Art Deco style embroidery.

I paired the coat with a pair of deadstock 1930s t-bar shoes that I recently obtained from Alles Gute at the Suvi-Vintage fair. I love the decorative details and the colour of the shoes; these are both beautiful and practical, and they pair perfectly with my coat.

With my interest having shifted from the 1940s to the early 1930s and 20s, I have cut down on my vintage purchases radically. Simply because items from the earlier eras are so much more difficult to come, especially on a budget. But June was very, very good to me. I may not have bought as much as I might have a few of years back but instead I have invested in a couple of quality pieces that I know I’ll cherish for years to come.

Photography by Jirina Alanko

1920s art deco coat

1920s art deco coat

1920s art deco coat

1920s art deco coat


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Jessica Cangiano Comment posted on Wed - Jul 09, 2014

My mouth quite literally, not figuratively, just dropped open as I scrolled through these beautiful photos. What a stunning, almost surreal find. Congratulations, dear gal. It looks like a million, nay, a billion dollars on you and is such a fabulous piece of history to now have the great pleasure of calling your own.

♥ Jessica


Whitney Comment posted on Wed - Jul 09, 2014

This coat is *insane*! It suits you so, so well, from the cut to the color– the whole shebang. You look wonderful.


Mim Comment posted on Thu - Jul 10, 2014

Wow! That really was a stroke of amazing luck. It suits you wonderfully, and the detailing is just exquisite.


Riikka Pennanen Comment posted on Sun - Jul 20, 2014

Thank you all! A fabulous piece of history, indeed. I still can’t quite believe my luck.


Martine Comment posted on Tue - Jul 22, 2014

I really love your style, you look absolutely wonderful miss. Great blog! X


Riikka Pennanen Comment posted on Tue - Jul 22, 2014

Thank you, Martine!


retro rover Comment posted on Tue - Jul 29, 2014

Wow that coat is amazing! One of the most beautiful 20s items Ive seen and you wear it wonderfully

retro rover


wardrobe experience Comment posted on Wed - Jul 30, 2014

this coat is to die for! what an incredible find! i hope you will share a lot of special moments with it.


Rhia Comment posted on Fri - Aug 08, 2014

The coat is so amazing I just have keep coming back to have a small peek at it. All the little details and cut and everything. Just amazing! I’m glad it has a good home with you.


Riikka Pennanen Comment posted on Mon - Aug 18, 2014

Thank you ever so much for the wonderful comments!

Rhia, that a lovely thing to say! I feel honored. <3


Bernice Comment posted on Tue - Mar 14, 2017

Wow! This sure coat sure is the kind you usually only see in Deco era illustrations and in your dreams. It looks stunning on you and I love the shoes you have paired it with. Just divine!


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