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Mirjami Kuosmanen

© Erik Blombergin perikunnan arkistot

I wrote a story on Finnish actress and filmmaker Mirjami Kuosmanen in honour of her forthcoming centenary this coming Sunday. The article appears in the 7/2015 issue of Seura and can be read online on the magazine’s website.

I find Mirjami Kuosmanen to be one of the most fascinating stars and filmmakers of the so-called Golden Age of Finnish cinema. On screen she oozes strength and passion. She is, quite literally, a force of nature in Valkoinen peura (The White Reindeer, 1952), the film that she made with her partner, filmmaker Erik Blomberg.

Kuosmanen and Blomberg made four films together in the 1950s and 1960s: Valkoinen peura, Kun on tunteet (When There Are Feelings, 1954), Kihlaus (Betrothal, 1955) and Hääyö (Wedding Night, 1962). According to Erik Blomberg, the couple were completely equal in the process of making films. They largely developed and wrote the films together. During the shoot, Blomberg directed the camera and people whilst Kuosmanen directed the actors and the dialogue.

Mirjami Kuosmanen appeared in a total of 24 feature films between 1937 and 1956. She also worked as an assistant film editor and did make-up.

Mirjami Kuosmanen in The White Reindeer

Mirjami Kuosmanen in The White Reindeer

Valkoinen peura remains one of the most acclaimed Finnish films of all time. It earned the Jean Cocteau-led jury special award for Best Fairy Tale Film at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival. After its limited release in the United States, Valkoinen peura won the 1957 Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.

Valkoinen peura will be shown at Elokuvateatteri Orion on Mirjami’s birthday on Sunday, February 22. Be sure to come and see it if you’re in Helsinki! You can also read a biography I wrote on Mirjami Kuosmanen in Finnish at Elonet.


It may be cold outside here in Northern Europe but this brand new collection from Australia’s The Gold Hatted Lovers has us dreaming of endless summer days by the pool – whilst looking immaculate in 1930s inspired leisure wear, dahling.

The Gold Hatted Lovers is a new label of ethically produced, handmade clothing made by my Sydney based friends Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol. Launched just this week, they have a fabulous new collection inspired by 1930s leisure wear.

“The inspiration for this range is a simple combination of our dream clothing and iconic pieces from the 1930s, which are hard to find, in poor condition, and never the right size,” Tim tells me.

Authentic looking 1930s reproduction pieces are a rarity, especially in men’s wear, so The Gold Hatted Lovers offers something new and fresh for those who love earlier eras of vintage fashion. Says Tim: “We have carefully branded ourselves not to be a ‘repro’ company, rather looking towards the high-end handmade vibe.”

The collection is available in EU sizes 32-42 (UK sizes 4-14) but Tim says they’re hoping to expand the range of sizes in the future. They also offer custom fitting at a fee for Sydney-based babes.

Be sure to check out the 1930s leisure wear collection right on their website. Personally, I’m head over heels in love with the zigzag gown and the yellow flutter sleeve day dress. Me oh my!

Photography by Koji Chan
Makeup, hair and styling by Tim Nicol

The Gold Hatted Lovers

The Gold Hatted Lovers

The Gold Hatted Lovers

The Gold Hatted Lovers

The Gold Hatted Lovers

The Gold Hatted Lovers


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