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Finger wave tutorial
My friend and frequent guest star of this blog, Jirina, does some of the very best finger waves that I’ve ever seen. I asked her to do a guest post on this 1920s and 1930s stable ‘do because I haven’t really seen any truly great tutorials on finger waving online before.

Instead of a simple blog post, we ended up filming a tutorial for your viewing pleasure!


Now, finger waves really aren’t the easiest of vintage hairdos to master; it takes time and practise to truly perfect this look. I’m still learning myself. But the results are so strikingly beautiful that it is most definitely worth any and all extra effort and time! Well done waves are like veritable works of art, in my humble opinion.

Some of the tutorials that I’ve come by online suggest finger waving on natural hair, some even recommend sleeping with wave clips on. We find this unnecessarily difficult and uncomfortable. Both Jirina and I have straight hair so we curl our hair the night before as it gives a great base for the waves. We used air rollers but you can do tight pin curls or use sponge rollers, whatever suits your fancy. Then brush the hair out in the morning, style and set the wave clips. Have breakfast, do your make-up and other morning tasks before removing the wave clips after a minimum time of about half an hour – the more time, the better. Then style, comb a little, spray – and voilà!

Well, watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.


Note: in order to keep things as simple as possible, we didn’t wave the whole head this time but only the front. You can, of course, wave the back of your hair as well with this same technique.

Tools of the trade:

  • Wave clips (waving clamps) – you can get some at Sally Beauty, for example

  • Lottabody or another setting lotion of choice

  • Hairspray

  • Hair brush and a rattail comb

  • and, perhaps, some bobby pins

  • originally posted on December 2, 2012

    February 16, 2014 Femme Stuff Tutorials
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    Red hair tips

    The majority of the inquiries that I get stem from my red hair. Red is certainly one of the hottest colours – but also one of the hardest to maintain.

    Here are my tips on how to keep your dyed fiery strands looking radiant longer!

    • When you first go red, I would warmly recommend having a professional do it. I only dyed my hair professionally for the first few years and used a semi-permanent colour to keep my colour fresh in-between the dyes.

    • After dying your hair, do not wash it for at least two days.

    • Avoid daily washing of hair in general – I tend to wash mine every two or three days. If your hair gets oily quickly, use a dry shampoo instead. Note that it might take a bit of training to go several days without washing if you’re used to daily hair cleansing – but it is definitely worth it.

    • Don’t use harsh shampoos. You’ll probably spend quite a bit of money on your hair colour, which means that you should also invest in a good shampoo specially designed for colour treated hair.

    • Some use shampoo and conditioner for red hair. However, the only one that I’ve found to actually make a difference is KC Professional Color Mask in Pepper. Regardless, I use it quite rarely these days.

    • Wear hats, scarves or UV protection on your hair in the summer sun to prevent fading.

    • Dye your hair often. Unfortunately you just can’t get around this if you want to constantly maintain a truly vibrant red. I dye my hair every three to four weeks. You can go with a semi-permanent colour instead of always using a permanent dye. Wella Color Touch is a good one and has some nice reds.

    I would like to add that whilst the colour red has an almost infamously bad reputation in fading very fast, in my experience the first six or so months are, by far, the trickiest. It takes quite a few dyes for the colour to really set properly and for a fresh fake redhead to learn the tools of the trade in maintaining the shade. After that, it really does get easier – and it is most definitely worth it, if you ask me!

    How do you keep your colour fresh? If you have any additional tips to share, I would love to hear them!

    Red hair tips

    originally posted on December 11, 2012

    February 16, 2014 Femme Stuff
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