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Heidi Krohn by Antti Kuparinen

Heidi Krohn in 2014.
Photography by Antti Kuparinen

Heidi Krohn is one of my favourite actresses of the Finnish silver screen. Heidi began her career in film when she was cast in the title role in Leena (1954). The comedy was a huge hit and Heidi made waves with her fresh and fun portrayal. She became one of the most beloved movie stars of fifties Finland and went on to enjoy great success on the stage for five decades. Now at 80, Heidi Krohn is as radiant as ever – and she still works occasionally! She just filmed a role for a short film this past summer. What a woman!

I’ve had the great pleasure of spending time with Heidi Krohn this year. I first met her in spring when Minna Santakari and I begun our research on youth fashion in 1950s Finnish film. Heidi graciously shared her memories of fifties fashion, film costumes and movie stardom with us. When Minna and I gave a presentation on the topic back in April, Heidi came to hear to our talk, which made the occasion all the more memorable.

Heidi Krohn in her debut role Leena.  Photo source: KAVI

Heidi Krohn in her debut role Leena.
Photo source: KAVI

When Heidi Krohn turned 80-years old in August, we celebrated her birthday at Cinema Orion with a screening of Silja – nuorena nukkunut (Silja – the Maid, 1956), in which the actress gives a performance that is both powerhouse and beautifully nuanced. Minna and I interviewed Krohn about her impressive career before the screening. It was a very special event to us all, I believe.

Photo by Piia

Heidi Krohn being interviewed at Cinema Orion.
Photo by Piia

I interviewed Heidi Krohn for the October issue of Golden Vintage magazine. The six page story features gorgeous photography by my friend Antti Kuparinen and lots of beautiful vintage images from Heidi’s archives. The issue is on stands now so be sure to pick it up if you’re in Finland! Oh and you can also check out a Heidi Krohn biography that I wrote for Elonet.


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