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Well, hello and welcome! You’ve found your way to my brand new blog, 21st Century Flapper.

After blogging at Blogger since 2009, I figured it was about time for change. I wanted a new name, a new address and a whole new blog to reflect the fresh direction that I wanted to take: the shift from what ended up being a fairly regular vintage style blog to also include my other early 20th century interests. Film, most importantly. Since my work revolves around Finnish film history, I wanted an outlet for my always ongoing Hollywood related research as well. Also, since I began blogging over five years ago, my vintage fashion interests have heavily shifted from mid-century to early 20th century.

I wish to thank my friend Mycah for designing the flapper-tastic layout for me. The header image is from the Sjöhistoriska’s excellent 1920s and 1930s sailor tattoo exhibition, which is still running until the end of the year. I hope you all like the design as much as I do!

February 21, 2014 Blog

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Lindsay Lane Comment posted on Fri - Feb 21, 2014

Wow, I really love your new layout! Really stunning.


Riikka Comment posted on Fri - Feb 21, 2014

Thank you so much, Lindsay! I’m happy to hear you like it.


Jessica Cangiano Comment posted on Sat - Feb 22, 2014

Oooh, sweet dear, the new blog design is take-your-breath-away stunning! Very elegant, serene, and endlessly pretty. I can’t wait to see it again on each new visit to your site.

Huge congrats on the wonderful revamping!
♥ Jessica


Ellie Comment posted on Sat - Feb 22, 2014

Ah gorgeous! Can’t wait to read on, especially about film history — oh, who am I kidding? Especially about everything!


Mikko Kuusimäki Comment posted on Sat - Feb 22, 2014

Wow. It’s hats off to the 21st Century Flapper. Film, film history, Finnish film hstory, Hollywood… could one ask for anything more? “Bn vent”, as the French would put it!


Riikka Comment posted on Sun - Feb 23, 2014

Jessica – thank you ever so! I’m glad to hear you like the new look and will continue reading.

Ellie – thank you! You may expect film related writing a plenty!

Mikko – merci, mwah, you’re a star!


Snowma Comment posted on Fri - Feb 28, 2014

Followed you over from the old blog. Really looking forward to seeing whats in store at your new internet home!


Riikka Comment posted on Fri - Feb 28, 2014

Many thanks, Snowma!


Anniina Comment posted on Tue - Mar 11, 2014

It’s really nice that you’re blogging more actively again! My blog’s kinda dead, but I’m trying to bring it back to life… Maybe even with vintage things!


Riikka Comment posted on Thu - Mar 27, 2014

Happy to hear it, Anniina! I’ve always loved reading your writings, whether related to vintage or not.


Tommy Comment posted on Tue - Mar 11, 2014

Happened on your site and saw your page on visiting Clara Bow sites. Don’t know when this blog was posted, but most sites show old CB bungalow still there! Extensively renovated but still intact. And does not look anything the house you posed in front of. Still looks like the house from 1925 sans the red tile roof. Very curious.


Riikka Comment posted on Wed - Mar 12, 2014

Tommy, that is very curious indeed! I visited Clara’s bungalow back in September 2013 and there’s definitely a new house now. I read online that the bungalow was demolished in 2010. But Google Maps, for example, still shows the old house as it is outdated.


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Welcome to 21st Century Flapper!
My name is Riikka and I hail from Helsinki, Finland. I'm a film researcher and a freelance journalist, a sartorial devotee of vintage fashion and endlessly fascinated by early 20th century visual culture. I write about film, fashion, design, architecture - and all things old and pretty.

Olen helsinkiläinen elokuvatutkija ja toimittaja, jolle 1900-luvun alkupuolen visuaalinen kulttuuri on todellinen intohimo. Blogi sivuaa kiinnostuksen kohteitani 1920- ja 1930-luvun elokuvista aina ajan muotiin ja designiin asti.

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